Welcome to, The Law Life!

The Law Life started just as a hash tag on my Instagram that I used because my life pretty much revolved around law.  However, it became more than that when I realised that moving through the paces of a law degree and then on to a busy career, law becomes not just a job – but it becomes part of your life.

The road can be tough, and it can be lonely.  But, as the saying goes, “chance follows those in motion”.

My name is Chloe Kopilovic and I am a lawyer running that busy lifestyle which is a fine balance between work and play.

I am not a blogger – in fact, I am not that flash at creative writing.  However, I started this blog, not because I want to impart lessons on how to survive in the legal world, but rather how to enjoy the ride a little more.

The Law Life isn’t meant to be a life that sees you chained to your desk.  Those days are gone. The Law Life is as much or as little as you want it to be.  This blog is really about making the grind work for you and how to have fun with it.

One side of The Law Life is the work, the long hours, the striving for perfection, the searching for a solution, the jumping through hoops to make sure you get the job done, properly and on time.  The other side of The Law Life is the people you meet, the lessons you learn, the travel, the giving back (perhaps with a gala dinner here and there) and making the most out of every little ray of opportunity you can see.


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